Friday, December 10, 2010


I just bought the most awesome shirt today...
It goes well with my other one...ZOMBIE

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yeagh.. ouch.. tired...

We moved into our lovely home Saturday and have been busy scrambling to repair what needs repaired now, painting, mowing, unpacking, and setting up. We have had to have more service people come in to do stuff then ever. We have had Movers, plumber, hvac, 2 appliance deliveries, and an electrician.

We have been running ourselves ragged to get ready to have company this weekend since it is my birthday on saturday. my parents will be in town, and we still dont have a place for them to sleep put together yet.

Slowly but surely it is coming together, and soon the curtains will go up.


ps: it has been a bear to be internet-less this week. i am so looking forward to monday!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New News

My wonderful wife ArEsDee and I and buying a house! We are will be farther away from work then we are now, but still close enough for me. This will be my second time to own a home, but the first for my wife. She is nervous nervous about the prospect, because its such a big step, and an investment. I share a bit of her nervousness, but that is mostly squelched by excitement!

Film at 11.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Its been a bit since I have last posted.  I keep telling myself I need to do this more often.
what has happened in the last year that is worthy of blogness?
I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary.
I turned 34.
I went to my first Parent-Teachers conference.
I volunteered for the first time at my childrens school.
I bought my beautiful wife a Canon G10, and she is loving it.
I am got to see my friends from STL this september.
My wife and I went to the renassaince festivel together for the first time (we both have gone seperately)
I got to go to my first real rock concerts Rob Zombie!!!! and Metallica!!!!!!
I saw Friday the 13th for the first time, and was dissapointed.
I started playing my 4th MMO, Tabula Rasa
I started playing my 5th MMO, Warhammer Online
I started playing SPORE!
I finished Darwinia
I added 2 more expansion to the original SIMS game.

Monday, January 7, 2008

biggen bloggen boggen

I find myself once again looking down the barrel of a new year. But this one is new and different then others of the past. I share this one with my new bride, the joy of my life. We saw the old year out with sniffles as the four of us had a cold to some degree as the year ended. The women folk seemed to have gotten the worst of it though.

With the Holidays over, the homefront is hoping to see renewed time to dedicated to the upkeep of the apartment and the tenants. in other words, I need to hit the gym. clothes that used to fit me half a year ago, are now a bit snug. man, i hate exercise.

The new year rings in another year of gaming with my MMO friends. City of Heroes/Villains (CoX) is old new, World of Warcraft (WoW) has long been abandoned, Dungeon and Dragons Online : Stormreach (DDO) sits by the wayside. While we eagerly await Warhammer: Age of Reckoning (WAR) to finish up and be released, my friends have decided to give Tabula Rasa (RGTR) a chance. To be fair, it is still a fairly young game, so it has it bugs, but it is falling into a place, that for me, exists between CoX and WoW. It seems to combine a middle ground of the features from both games, an okay balance of made them both fun games to play. So while I am terrible at FPS's, I am finding RGTR to be nice resting place as we wait on WAR!

May your new year be filled with fun and fancy with doses of reality thrown in for good measure.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


We are on the last legs of this wedding journey. We are trying to get a photographer lined up, working on getting our bank stuff consolidated, a budget lined up, and plans for my sons birthday. We still need to find time to run out and get our Marriage license, print out all of our plane, hotel, condo, and car reservation papers.

Time is slowly ticking down and we are getting more and more excited to see the date come and go. The time spent alone in Florida will be a welcome relief.

Getting the bulging disk in my back corrected is getting more and more expensive as the week progress. I have a feeling my MRI is going to be one of those items you have to apply your deductible to, in which case I will footing the entire bill. I just paid for 12 treatments that are not covered by insurance, in order to hasten the pace of my recovery. 3 copays a week are adding up too…

Having to deal with my back was not in our budget plans for getting out of debt after the wedding, nor was my limited movement and capacity to do things factored in when we planned everything. I know my back pains and mobility are a source of disappointment for my fiancĂ©, as we struggle to do things, and miss something’s just because I cannot do them. I am working extra hard to ensure that I will be able to stand the entire wedding and that I will be able to dance at the reception, and be able to function the week afterwards. My doc is pretty positive, that with aggressive work and consistency on my part with my exercises (which is hard to achieve when your day is taken up by a job).

And that leads me to my weight. I have gone up again, and I am finding it hard to wear even new clothes I bought. Some of it is the water gain and bloating caused by the steroid I was on as an anti-inflammatory for my back. The rest of it are my diet and exercise. We have plans after the wedding to join a gym and do a lot of swimming, watch what we eat, and generally try to slim down (we have both gained weight since we have started to date... dang regular eating!)

Oh well, back to that work thing.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Messed Up

I am seeing a chiropractor/physical therapist/physio therapist about my back. Drugs were not doing me any good. My doc thinks that I have a bulging disk, and this disk is irritating nerves which is causing my muscles to react which is causing me to be bent out of shape.

I go in tonight for a MRI, and I am hoping that he sees what he thinks he will so, because bulging disks can generally be taken care of non-surgically. He is working with me to get me up and able to enjoy myself on my honeymoon and hopes to have me cured by JAN 1 or so.

I will post more as I learn more.