Sunday, April 29, 2007


You know who you are. She is real. :P *phbttt*

Monday, April 9, 2007


Easter has come and gone. Another joyous weekend with my sweetheart. I suppose I should give her a name, a moniker to refer to her with, other then sweetheart. ArEsEm is the moniker I shall use for her.

Easter was another exceptional weekend. ArEsEm went with me to pick up my children, and we took them to McD's and to Walmart so they could get their mother and brother something for easter.

We then took them back to my apartment and tucked them into bed. After they were in bed, we cleaned up my kitchen a little bit, as ArEsEm was going to cook us french toast in the morning. We then laid out the stuff we had got them for easter, the beautiful easter baskets she had put together along with the couple things I had picked up.

The next day, we watched them open their gifts and ArEsEm and KayEeDee (my daughter) made french toast. my son, AaEsDee, did not like the french toast, even though he ate the majority of it before he decided his tummy was hungry for cereal. That boy is a picky eater.

We then had them get dressed and took them to ArEsEm's grandma's house for egg hiding. It was a bit too cold to really enjoy it, so it tried not to hide them really well, just kind of scattered them around. Even so, the kids still managed to walk by a few of them sitting out in the open. Kids are fun.

Based on feedback from their mother, we decided that KFC would suit them for their easter lunch, as we wanted to do a picnic, but the weather would not permit it. Again.. my son is pain in the arse to feed. Not sure what i am going to do with that boy.

The rest of the day went smooth. the kids napped, and i ended up napping in the arms of ArEsEm while she watched The Sound Of Music. I woke up the kids crawling on me, as they were done with their nap, so we watched The Wizard Of Oz, in which ArEsEm did some napping and I stayed awake.

The kids are really taking a liking to ArEsEm. KayEeDee crawled up into her arms and snuggled in to watch the movie. AaEsDee did the same when i had to get up to go to the bathroom. I came back to my kids snuggled around her, and it filled me with joy. Though my spot was taken, I was still happy.

On Sunday, ArEsEm and I went to her church for easter services, and then we tried to get out and do something, but everything seemed to be closed, so instead we stayed at her apartment, played a shortened version of the game called TABOO. She then cooked me a wonderful supper that we ate with candlelight. then it was off to rent a couple movies, get desert from sonic, and snuggle down to watch what we rented.

I also got to meet her brother on Sunday. A friendly gentlemen, even though i only got to shake hands with him, as he was late for an evening with his girlfriend. Hopefully i shall get to visit with him more later. ArEsEm says we have allot in common and would get along well.

Well that is probably enough for now. I hope everyone that reads this had a most wonderful easter!