Wednesday, February 28, 2007

All is well ...

My life is still on cloud nine. My co-workers, i think, are getting tired of listen to me. My boss asked today how I met my wonderful lady. Mistake.. I must have talked a good 5-10 minutes straight, and he said my face was just beaming the whole time.

And I give all my good fortune this week to the glory of God and the power of prayer. When you listen to him, and turn to him, and follow him he will bring blessings and bounty unto you. Its not that I forget this, or that I don't remember, but sometimes I get bogged down in all my junk and self pity/loathing that I forget to look up and bathe in the glory of God and his purpose for me.

Why do we think we know best? We know so little about what lies ahead of us. We place faith in false ideals, strive for what we think we want and if we would only listen and follow, God gives to us what we need the most and what we need is never what we think, but when it comes your way, you know it.

My favorite song to listen to this week: I saw the light. Has so much meaning for me, both spiritually and physically.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Children grow up entirely too fast. My daughter, ever infatuated with weddings, told me that she is going to marry Tony, a boy in her kindergarten class. And later told me that she cant break up with Tony because he would be mad.

She has also said that when two people get married, they have to go to the hospital so they can cut open the mommies tummy and take out the baby.

She is in kindergarten! She is entirely to young to be having that kind of thought processes, too young to know about those things. I am entirely unprepared for her talking about these things already. I was hoping I would have until her late 20's to worry about it, but it seems that is not to be. Man i hope this is just a phase and she continues to be a kid and not grow up to fast.

Movie Time

I had a wonderful weekend. I got to spend time with my children, and as always it was magical. After I dropped my children off, my new lady friend and I went shopping for my daughters birthday. We found a nice jacket and hat at the Disney store that I could not resist. We then walked around a bit and then decided to go to a movie. We saw ghost rider, and it was a decent movie, but the best part the company. We then went out for dinner, where we talked. It is pretty obvious how much into each we are, or so i could tell by our waitress expressions. She seemed happy to see us so happy. We then retired to her place to watch a movie. Serendipity is a good movie. My date has a very nice apartment and it is decorated with a Nautical theme. I loved some of the models and things she has there.

I cant wait to see her again. I am smitten :D

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Winter Jam

I am planning on going to Winter Jam in Wichitawith my parents and some youth from their church. My parents have told me that I can invite friends that may want to come along, as rooms will be provided.

I am looking forward to getting to go, and hopefully I will be able to take some of my friends with me.

"Lean on me, when your not strong"

I had the most amazing evening.
For those of you that don't know, I have decided that I need to get out more. I need to recenter my life around Christ. I want to develop new friendships, and maybe, just maybe find wonderful women with whom i do stuff with. My life is lacking for female interaction, and things are more enjoyable when you can do them with a friend.

I decided to attend the Singles Ministry at a church that is between my home and work. My first night there I was made feel welcome by a lovely lady who went above and beyond my expectations to make me feel included and part of a group. I had a wonderful evening that night with the bible study and with the gathering afterwards at a local restaurant.

She also made sure that I was invited to the the Friday night Singles dance that was going to be at Back2Life that night.

We chatted off and on through out the week, and we both were looking forward to going and getting to see each other. She made me promise to save her one dance. She got all of them. I had an absolutely wonderful evening of dancing and talking with her. We were the last of the group to leave and went to an IHOP that is near the area where we live. We ended up eating, talking, and laughing until well after 2 am.

I am completely enamored by her I must say. I understand that I have the propensity to make more of attention then is there sometimes, but I am really hopeful that this is just the start of a blossoming friendship.

- ArJayDee

Personality Test Results

# white: 49%
# yellow: 29%
# blue: 13%
# red: 8%

Congratulations, you are a WHITE personality. The Core Motivation that guides you through life is "Peace." This is not referring to a political agenda or the absence of war. It is, however, an absence of inner conflict, much closer to the idea of serenity, and an acceptance of oneself and others. You have a strong and compelling need to keep things in balance in your life so as to maintain an internal feeling of tranquility and comfort.

As a WHITE, you seek independence and require kindness, especially from those with whom you are in a relationship. You resist confrontation at all costs. (To you, feeling good internally is even more important than being good.) You are quiet by nature, process things very deeply and objectively with great clarity. Of all the colors, WHITES are the best listeners. You respect people who are direct but recoil from perceived hostility or verbal battle.

You need your "alone time" and refuse to be controlled by others. WHITES want to do things their own way and in their own time. They ask little of others and resent others demanding much of them. You are probably much stronger than people think, but are not often seen for your strength because you don't easily reveal your feelings.

Your personality type is driven by only ONE of four Core Motives, represented by the colors:

* RED (Core Motive = Power, or the ability to move from "a" to "b" as efficiently as possible)
* BLUE (Core Motive = Intimacy, this doesn't mean sex, but the need to connect, share feelings, and build relationships with others)
* WHITE (Core Motive = Peace, or calm even in the midst of conflict; clarity in the midst of confusion)
* YELLOW (Core Motive = Fun, or always enjoying the moment)

Why You're Hot

You Are A Superb Listener

Have you ever heard your friends complaining about how their (boyfriends / girlfriends) don't listen to them, not understanding how this could be? It's because you listen so naturally. This is such a turn-on, because your partner will feel your interest in them and know that you hear even what they are not saying.

You Make Others Feel Comfortabl
You have a way of putting people at ease. You don't try to intimidate or make things too formal. In fact, you prefer creating a very relaxed and open atmosphere, which works to your advantage, because the (men/women) in your life like to know that you are accessible and approachable, and that they don't have to put on a big show to be with you. In fact, they know that they can be more real with you, because of your accepting nature.

Why You're Not

You Tend To Be Too Accommodating

As a WHITE, you have the tendency to accommodate what others want instead of having to tell them "no". Consequently, you tend to get overloaded with what other people expect of you and soon you can become overwhelmed or end up doing things that you do not enjoy. What happens is that you allow others to take control of the direction of your life instead of you driving towards the life that you and your partner desire.

Your Dislike Of Conflict Blocks Honest Conversation
WHITES do NOT enjoy conflict in the least. It is the opposite of what you crave through your Core Motive of Peace. Rather than get into an argument with your partner, for example, you would rather pretend that every thing's okay, or you would rather lie in a conversation rather than tell her what you really think and risk the potential resulting conflict. So you don't say anything, until it bugs you so much that a month later it comes out. Let's be clear... dishonesty is not attractive especially when a severe case of "lack-of-backbone-itis," lies at the heart of it, so don't go there.

Your Needs
Now that you know how others see you as a potential partner, you should also know that there are certain things that you subconsciously need from your relationships in order to feel fulfilled and happy. These are your very own little hot buttons. When you find a partner who can push them for you, you may just fall head over heels.

You Need To Feel Good Inside
As a WHITE, feeling good and comfortable on the inside is more important to you than being good or doing the right thing, so you should look for a partner who does two things for you. One, they should not create unnecessary conflict or confrontation, and two, they need to be able to help you become comfortable confronting the necessary issues and not allow you an escape route through dishonesty.

You Need To Be Allowed Your Own Space
You enjoy being with people, but you do not need constant social interaction by any stretch of the imagination. You like your alone time which allows you to process thoughts and to daydream. You should find a partner who is able to allow you to have your release time.

You Want To Withhold Your Insecurities
You feel insecure about your various inadequacies, and feel embarrassed and confused about what to do when such things are exposed. Therefore, it is your tendency to guard those feelings of insecurity and inadequacy very tightly even from your significant other. This is not always appropriate nor does it facilitate growth, so you should find someone with whom you are able to open your heart and be vulnerable to.

You Want Kindness From Your Partner
WHITES are the nicest, kindest people in world. You don't like conflict, and usually see it as being unnecessary when it manifests itself. You don't like mean people and what they stand for. Therefore, you need a partner who is kind to you and doesn't create turmoil and unneeded stress in your life.

Top 5 WHITE Turn-Ons:
1. Accepting (and supporting) their individuality
2. Being kind
3. Creating an informal, relaxed atmosphere
4. Being patient and gentle
5. Introducing options and ideas for your interactions

Top 5 WHITE Turn-Offs:
1. Forcing confrontation
2. Being cruel or insensitive
3. Being domineering or too intense
4. Forcing immediate verbal expression
5. Demanding leadership

And since I am High on the Yellow..

Top 5 YELLOW Turn-Ons:
1. Being flirtatious
2. Offering praise and adoration
3. Reinforcing interest with physical contact
4. Promoting creative and fun activities with them
5. Accepting some playful teasing, joking, "comic relief"

Top 5 YELLOW Turn-Offs:
1. Ignoring them
2. Controlling their schedules / Consuming their time
3. Being too serious or sober in criticism
4. Being unforgiving
5. Expecting them to dwell on problems